The Committee and the Right to know Campaign are launching "40th of the War," a 40 days-long campaign starting on the 10th of April, to commemorate 40 years on the beginning of the civil war.

The aim from the campaign:
In the year 2000, The Committee and the Campaign "حقنا نعرف" commemorated for the first time the 13th of April under the slogan      "تنذكر تَـ ما تنعاد". The Committee's focus was to gather allies and friends from citizens, NGO's, Media and Associations working in the social field in Lebanon.
Today, after fifteen years of important achievements with the support of these allies, The Committee and the Campaign are seeking more partners: Lebanese citizens, Universities, Institutions, Associations, Municipalities, Syndicates, private organizations and companies in all fields to adopt and support the Right to know - not only the families' right to know the fate of their loved ones, but the Right to Know as a Civil Right and a Law, to which all Lebanese citizens and organizations are entitled.