Mansion Supporters

This whole project would not have been possible without the generous support of Mr Imad Fawaz, the owner of the house who handed us the keys and his unequivocal trust – of this we remain incredibly grateful. The revitalisation of Mansion belongs to many people, and we would in particular like to thank the following for their kind help, support and donations:    

                                                                           Imad Fawaz  
                                                                           George Khoury
                                                                           Kaelen Wilson-Goldie
                                                                           961 Beer 
                                                                           Sabine de Maussion
                                                                           Katia Saleh
                                                                           Atelier Hamra
                                                                           Nayla Audi
                                                                           Ta Marbouta
                                                                           Former and current Mansion Residents


Mansion is an artist-run, self-funded public space, and it would like to stay that way. You can become a friend of Mansion by supporting our work through a financial donation or in-kind support – we are particularly interested in receiving books, magazines and similar materials to continue growing our public library and reading space. 
If you would like to support Mansion and our work with a donation, please send us an email at